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The Northern Line series was created, written and produced by Jessica Burn and is part of Fall of the House Productions.

The series is modern take on the Greek Myths, set on various locations around the Northern Line.
In this version of the tales modern Londoners take the Gods and monsters of legend in their stride in the way that Londoners do. The Labyrinth is real place and fame hungry youngsters can’t wait for their moment with the Minotaur, Aphrodite really does interfere with love lives and there is a mysterious riddle loving stranger prowling the darker corners of the city.


OFFICIAL SELECTION - London Golden Scout

The guardian of thebes

Thebes is a particularly nasty run down neigbourhood in London located between Kings Cross and Caledonia road. A ruthless gangster named Laius controls the area and is determined to build himself a nefarious kingdom which he can rule unrivalled and eventually sieze complete control of the underground criminal networks of the city.

The streets of Thebes are littered with thieves, prostitutes and drug dealers, those who have been discarded from everywhere else find themselves forced to help line the pockets of Laius and his ever growing empire. But Thebes has another dangerous inhabitant who, in her way, provides a certain protection for the lost souls of London, an inhabitant who even Laius is wary of; and she is waiting, she is waiting for a man who's arrival has been prophesied, she is waiting for a man who will destroy Laius and finally clean up the streets of Thebes.


Until then...Let me ask you a question... 

Into the Labyrinth

This is a rare look at the inner workings of the famous Labyrinth of Borough Market and how one day, even the gods might want to see an end to the annual slaughter.

A gift from aphrodite

This is the story of what happens when Aphrodite decides to help the hapless Pygmalion find love by thinking far, far outside the box. 

coming soon... Medusa's kitchen

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